Flood Insurance


Flood Insurance

A flood policy takes 30 days from application to go into effect.

Did you know floods can happen anywhere? It’s true. In the U.S., floods occur more often than all other natural disasters except fires.1 Furthermore, it only takes one foot of water to destroy up to 60% of the contents in your home. However, home, renters and condominium policies don’t cover flood losses.

Can You Risk Living Without Flood Insurance?
Whether you live in a house, apartment or condominium, your valuable possessions should be protected. Without coverage, the time and cost it takes to recover your belongings can make a bad situation even more difficult. Even if you qualify for Federal Disaster Assistance, which may be offered after floods occur, it may not be enough to recover all of your property. And, while disaster home loans may be an option, you also risk having to pay them back—with interest—for an average of 18.5 years.

National Flood Insurance Program to the Rescue
Through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), the federal government provides two types of flood insurance. Each policy is tailored to protect you and your home based on the flood zone where you live. We are an active participant in the NFIP. As your Agent, I’m here to offer you the knowledge and expertise necessary to determine your eligibility for Flood Insurance protection.

What differentiates companies offering National Flood Insurance is the level of service provided by the agent and company throughout the policy period and during the settlement of a flood loss. By selecting National Flood Insurance coverage through a reliable company like the Moody Insurance Group, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ll receive a high level of customer service when you need it most.

Coverage Options
Being prepared for a flood is the best way to protect your home. We offer two types of flood coverage options that are sponsored by the National Flood Insurance Program. Find out which coverage may apply to the area in which you live.

Rate Determination
When determining the flood rates, the Federal Government rewards the efforts of each community to reduce the risk of flood damage. Find out what your community should do to receive great incentives.

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