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Have you ever reviewed your assets vs your liability coverage and realized you are not covered for the correct amount of liability?  If you haven’t maybe it’s time to speak to one of our qualified insurance specialist.

Umbrella Coverage is extra liability Insurance purchased over your existing home, auto and commercial insurance policy and the coverage is designed to protect against major claims and lawsuits against you.  This type of policy will help protect what is most valuable to you; your assets.

Having the correct Liability Insurance is important to ensure that you have adequate insurance to protect you in the event of loss resulting in a claim.  Typically your insurance policy will have Liability insurance attached to it; however there are always maximums that each policy will pay up to in the event of a claim.  If you haven’t reviewed the amounts or are unfamiliar with how it works feel free to give us a call and discuss your options and to evaluate the correct amount of coverage you may need. 

These types of policies are very affordable and many people are unaware this coverage exists.  Make sure to bring it up in your next conversation with one of our qualified insurance specialists here at 3A Allied Insurance Corp.

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